Doris Madigan (nee Aidem) is portrayed by Melanie Paxon. She loves moving as mentioned in True Matchmaker. She has lived in 18 different apartments in the last three years since True Matchmaker. She has never tried yogurt until Mr. Madigan asked if she wanted it in Happyberry Yum Yum. She has never sat in a swivel chair until she was invited to sit in a meeting. She says that Space Plantation is a show for freaks.

Max MadiganEdit

Doris wears a wedding dress at night to make herself feel pretty. Doris is married to Max Madigan. Max proposed to her in Max Mannequin. They got married in The Wedding. They had relationship problems in The Hunky Librarian. Max was jealous of the new librarian that was working with Doris. Doris was jealous of the temporary receptionist.


Doris is a librarian and her last name, Aidem, is media backwards.